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The Cuckoo Club


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May 11, 2018

The Cuckoo Club found in Soho, London, is renowned for attracting the capital’s fashionable movers and shakers.

Go crazy at the Cuckoo Club

It’s also a favourite haunt for celebrities who are hunting for an exclusive venue where they can stay until the early hours. The upstairs is a beautiful dining room and bar where you can dine in style before heading downstairs to the dancefloor where every night is likely to be one to remember.

Cuckoo Club’s interior is both creative and outlandish as well as extravagant and glamorous; a real reflection of its designer Barbara Hulanicki, who founded the Biba fashion house. Lavishly decorated with pink trees, plush velvet and shades of burgundy, maroon and plum, the effect is almost a large boudoir where intimacy is encouraged. Gold detail, leather chairs and a mirrored bar take the glamour level to new heights. It’s not easy to get too blown away by it all though, as despite the sumptuous surrounds, energy levels are maintained at disco status by the lighting. LED lights flash and change colour to reflect the music and mood, ensuring that you don’t miss that siren call to the dancefloor to enjoy your favourite tune. Expect tunes ranging from rock-chic to pop, dance and alternative.

The menu is based on contemporary European cuisine and service is efficient, friendly and polite. The offerings of fresh oysters, or the classic Beef Wellington are both good choices and demonstrate the quality expected of the clientele: high standards are most definitely met. Modern mixologists behind the bar are creative and experienced, able to produce the most complicated of cocktails when requested.

Tales of long queues and spurious denials of entry abound; so, if you are desperate to guarantee a luxurious night out, our top tip is to reserve a table or sign up to the club’s online guest list to ensure a hassle-free entrance.


Main photo credits: The Cuckoo Club official website