Milk and Honey


Milk and Honey


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

This London bar was created by the same team behind its New York counterpart, and Soho's reservations-only venue is just as alluring as Manhattan’s. Milk and Honey exudes a calm, sophisticated vibe with its vintage décor and speakeasy-style menu.

In an otherwise frantic pocket of central London, Milk and Honey is a spot of serenity that eschews the more traditional party atmosphere. Instead, it focuses on creating an intimate space where couples, coworkers and groups of friends can gather in the kitsch booths or lounge area to dissect the world of entertainment, politics or your latest romance.

Since its opening in 2002, Milk and Honey has established itself as one of the city’s premier leaders in cocktail expertise. Each afternoon, the skilled mixologists squeeze fresh juices, carve ice into artistic formations and chill the glassware to an eye-watering -40 degrees to ensure that your tipple remains ice cold during the preparation process. Drinks are also created using the very best premium spirits and fresh, local ingredients to ensure the highest quality of cocktail in every sip. The drinks list is substantial without being overly beguiling or complex. In addition to a solid selection of champagne cocktails, menu favourites also include the Moscow Mule, a refined Daiquiri and the Florodora made with a ginger-infused gin, raspberry, soda and lime. A food menu is also on hand and the carefully curated offerings include olives, nuts and french fries, as well as cheese and charcuterie boards from Somerset farms and the nearby Neil’s Yard.

Note: The bar is only open to non-members before 11pm and securing a table can be difficult during the latter half of the week. While members are not required to book in advance, it is always advisable to call first to ensure space is available.