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May 11, 2018

The bar at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in London is a whizz at whipping up gin-based cocktails, as well as serving local craft beers and cider.

You would expect nothing less than creativity coupled with local and seasonal flair from the bar at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant in Shoreditch. And so then you will not be disappointed by a drinks menu that is centred largely around gin-based drinks concocted using seasonal British ingredients and served up in stylish glassware, with chunky ice spheres and pretty decoration thrown in to boot. |

Fifteen’s bar area is a cosy marble-topped affair, surrounded by stools and close to the culinary action; although all drinks can also be enjoyed alongside dinner at the many simple-yet-stylish wooden tables. The cocktail menu is concise, with selections broken down into flavour profiles like “shaken, citrus, refreshing” (our favorite of which from this list is the Rose Gimlet – gin and housemade yuzu & rose cordial, served straight up).

Yet despite Fifteen’s leaning towards gin (there is an individual section of the menu dedicated to classic gin-based cocktails like negronis, martinis and the equitable gin fizz, and the bar also regularly hosts gin masterclasses), there are several concoctions served with other equally-as-quaffable spirits. Take, for example, the Buttered Popcorn Manhattan, created with fat-washed, popcorn-infused rye whiskey, vermouth and chocolate bitters. Alongside the cocktails, Fifteen is also proud of its craft beer selection (all British, naturally) and decent wine list. Of course, it goes without saying that bar bites here aren’t going to be ordinary fare – why not try a handful of oysters drenched in peach granita, aperol and basil to accompany your drinks?