London Cocktail Club Islington

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London Cocktail Club Islington

London-North and Northwest London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Islington outlet of the London Cocktail Club, the brand's signature blend of revelry and rocking drinks is served up in a fun 'pharmacy' setting.

The London Cocktail Club brand is like a round of chocolate-flavored shots, you never know what you are going to get. One of their bars is reminiscent of a rough-and-ready grease monkey garage while another reminds of a rum-soaked tattoo parlour. For their fifth location, they’ve gone with a rollicking ‘cocktail pharmacy’ front, and we think it may just be their finest club yet.   The venue lies under an unassuming faded “Apothecary Off Licence” sign and past a “Staff Only” door, and once inside, the theme of the venue fully envelopes you. Yes, from the bowtie-sporting stuffed fox holding an antique cocktail tray with a glass full of green-and-white pills on it to the bottles of dusty potions and glass beakers behind the bar, you’ll be put in the mood for a cure-all cocktail. London Cocktail Club Islington works off the same menu as the rest of the LCC Family, so expect devilish delights like the Brixton Riot (peach and lychee puree, vermouth, and cranberry juice shaken with mint and garnished with a flaming passion fruit husk), and Bacon & Egg Martini (premium Tennessee whiskey infused with smoked bacon, maple syrup, orange bitters and lemon juice) in addition to a full line of souped-up shooters. What may separate this location from the pack though is the exclusive tasting room where both classic and apothecary cocktail masterclasses are taught and the fact that you can purchase bitters, vermouths, and fragrances from the bar to take home. Welcome to the club, Islington.  

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