The Four Sisters Bar

Night Out

The Four Sisters Bar

London-North and Northwest London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Four Sisters Bar offers a sensory delight when it comes to their cocktail list, which includes house-infused spirits and barrel-aged bitters.

If there’s a sense of nostalgia when you first step inside The Four Sisters Bar, it’s because not much has changed about the layout of this cosy rendezvous spot since it was a public house back in the ‘30s. Long and narrow, this cozy bar is still filled with dark woods, worn leather sofas, patterned wallpaper and mis-matched bar stools, but fear not – many of them are new instalments actually purchased in this century.
The Four Sisters Bar is a cocktail bar in the true sense of the word. The bar team here take making cocktails very seriously indeed, even going so far as to infuse their own syrups and barrel-age their own bitters. Spirits are often sourced from local craft suppliers, and these are also infused in-house. The cocktail menu itself reads like a botanical dream, filled with fresh herbs and fruits. Some have mind-boggling combinations such as the Bawbon (mezcal, 10-year-old whisky, almond liqueur, citric acid, Irish stout reduction, orange & aromatic bitters and lemon oil) and the Dutch Courage (genever, green herbal liqueur, lavender tonic, lemon, grapefruit & lime marmalade and basil), and even the house negroni is given The Four Sisters treatment; aged in an oak barrel, it’s a muddle of gin, herbal aperitif, Italian bitter liqueur, vermouth, red wine vermouth and orange oil.

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