Victory Mansion

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Victory Mansion

London-North and Northwest London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Victory Mansion’s smart cocktails pay tribute to the great literature that has inspired London, and the tapas-style food menu is equally-as-delicious.

Blink and you may miss Victory Mansion, located on a bustling shopping street in Stoke Newington. With its fairly innocuous signage and unassuming location, you’d be forgiven for darting past, perhaps on your way to the slightly-more-buzzing Dalston. But behind the facade lies an intriguing and surprising Art Deco-style bar serving some of the city’s most delectable food and drinks. Don’t say we didn’t give you fair warning.

The food menu at Victory Mansion has been created by an ex-chef from Ottolenghi, meaning that it’s sophisticated and seasonal. Plates are small and made to be shared, but in the past have included delights like pigeon salad with dried figs, charred leeks with agave & chilli yogurt, and butterflied sardines with fennel, orange, almond and olive. But seeing as how you’re here reading this, you’re probably more interested in the cocktails. We don’t blame you. Victory Mansion has collated a list of inspired – and original – concoctions created with homemade rinses, cordials and bitters. The Batch 22 (small batch bourbon, cognac, allspice, bitters and an absinthe rinse) is as deep and boozy as they come, while the slightly more fruity Of Ice and Men (tequila, vodka alcopop syrup, peach, green chartreuse and lime) is lighthearted and yet still wonderfully decadent. Other favorites include The Rye, The Rich and The Wardrobe (rye, rich tea biscuit, cherry, ginger, dry vermouth and orange bitters) and the Robinson Curacao (tequila, orange curacao, capsicum, lime, chilli bitters, mezcal spray and orange cordial ice cube).

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