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    Owned by the same team who run Purl and the Worship Street Whistling Shop, VOC replaces the somewhat anonymous CellarN1. They've created a seventeenth-century punch house in King's Cross; the quirky space evokes an earlier age of wonder and discovery, full of weathered maps of the world, candles and telescopes. It takes its name from the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (better known to us as the Dutch East India Company) and the drinks hail from a similar time period. Punches are the main pull here; these drinks were first popular in the seventh century, carried to England on the back of the spice trade. The drinks menu celebrates this early form of cocktail. There's a huge number to choose from and the bespoke bottled drinks are particularly exciting.

    Main photo credit: http://www.voc-london.co.uk

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