Opium Den


Opium Den


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May 11, 2018

The Opium Den is the swanky new spot inside the landmark London bar and restaurant Nam Long Le Shaker to enjoy the venue's famous flamboyant cocktails.

The newest addition to London bar icon Nam Long Le Shaker, the Opium Den takes the nearly three-decade old London legend to stylish new heights. The original upstairs bar at Nam Long Le Shaker has long been famous due to the potency and creativity of their cocktails, including the certifiably world famous Flaming Ferrari, a flame-licked boozy concoction that has inspired many pilgrimages to the venue’s Chelsea location. The scene at the eclectic bar and restaurant has always been fun, never providing the same experience twice, and that is why so many people – including celebrities – hold the venue dear to their heart.   
The Opium Den is the lavish new downstairs cocktail bar, and it has added a fantastic new chapter to Nam Long. Once down the spiral staircase, you are whisked away into another world – one full of opulent touches like plush crimson couches, striking wood-paneled flooring, a sparkling mosaic bar, and antique Eastern-inspired touches. Some of the highlights of the cocktail card served at the Opium Den include the Mr Thai – dedicated to Nam Long’s founder, it’s a mix of rye whisky, truffle honey and grapefruit bitters served short with ice – the refreshing Pearisco – pisco, fresh cut pear, pear liqueur, cardamon, and whisky bitters – and the smooth Jade – your choice of vodka or gin with cucumber, elderflower and lime. And don’t worry, they are serving Flaming Ferraris at the Opium Den too; just remember to keep with tradition by taking it down in one go with a straw after it’s been set alight before you. 
Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/Nam-Long-Le-Shaker-144619422246753/