Quo Vadis Bar

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Quo Vadis Bar


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Recently relaunched at half of its former size, Quo Vadis Bar in the bustling streets of Soho has proven that it certainly doesn’t need to be large to be mighty.

Manned by the Hart brothers and iconic Scottish chef Jeremy Lee, this place is known for its ever-changing menu, its seasonal ingredients and its exclusive members club. The clean-cut tablecloths, sparkling silverware and stained-glass windows set the scene in the dining area with welcoming waiters ready to see to your every need.

The bar is alluring and adorned with rich velvets, caramel-coloured leather and colourful floral arrangements. An enticing and thoroughly impressive wine list is thoughtfully presented, laying before you a range of exquisite wines, champagnes, sparkling wines and sherries from a plethora of notable locations. Available by the glass, carafe or bottle, there’s nothing preventing you from sampling any number of fine bouquets. Delightful whiffs of the pie of the day and grilled mackerel paired with pickled rhubarb and horseradish waft out of the kitchen, tantalising even the most reserved of taste buds. Take a chance and try the smoked eel sandwich or chicken and duck liver pâté or perhaps skip right to dessert and indulge in the buttermilk pudding, lovingly accompanied by lemon curd and a handful of seasonal berries.

At an address which has previously boasted a notorious brothel and the home of Karl Marx and the beginnings of his work, Das Kapital, Quo Vadis has a surprising history indeed. Quite the contradiction to its previous lives, this enthralling eatery in the maze-like streets of Central London has only improved with age.

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/QuoVadisSoho