Aqua Shard

Day Drinking

Aqua Shard

London-South East London

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Aqua Shard in London has one of the most dramatic views in the city up on the 31st floor. Accompanying the view the incredible drinks make it a must visit.

One of a number of sleek new venues to open within the great glass finger, Aqua Shard part of a glossy international chain is a gleaming bar and restaurant with, as you might well have guessed, one of the most dramatic views in the whole of London. It really is incredible, the whole of the city spinning out before you, the green fringes visible on a clear day, the river twisting like a silver snake. You could lose yourself in it for hours. Which is a good thing as the bar itself is a faintly anonymous and slightly corporate if stylish space, all brushed steel and glass. The journey up there is a dazzler though, with a lift whisking you up to the 31st floor, your ears popping as you go. The bar serves a good range of well-made cocktails, many with a British twist, lots of tea, cucumber and gin on the menu. Bookings aren’t required, so you’re best off coming earlier if you want to pick your view. They’re all good, it’s just a question of which side of the city you want to look out on while you sip your drink: the glittering towers of the City or the sprawl of south London. There are bar snacks but if you want something more substantial you’ll need to head over to the – steeply priced dining room next door.
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