The Bermondsey Arts Club


The Bermondsey Arts Club

London-South East London

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May 11, 2018

An underground jazz and cocktail den in London, the Bermondsey Arts Club brilliantly mixes the past and the present together in everything they do.

A subterranean space filled with the clinking of cocktail glasses and the smooth sounds of jazz, the Bermondsey Arts Club is the utmost of underground refinement in London.

We may as well get the obvious out of the way first, as you are destined to discover it upon arriving at the Bermondsey Arts Club. Yes, the bar resides in a disused public services facility, and no, we can’t believe what they have done with the place either. Bold checkerboard-tiled floors, slick ceramic white walls, marble, and Art Deco lighting fixtures bring you back to another era altogether, and things get even better when you step up to the bar and order a drink.

Many of the drinks on offer pay homage to the classics, while mixing in seasonal modern twists, and that’s what truly endeared us to the BAC. The negroni is given an update as the Negroni Wit Attitude (mezcal, aperitif and dessert wine from Italy, lemon, sugar, and egg white) while the sidecar includes chocolate bitters. For a walk on the modern side, try the Sage Of Consent with butter-washed rum, sage, bergamot, and dark cane sugar, or just pop to the bar and mention to the top-flight staff a few flavors you love, and they will shake you up a custom cocktail.