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London-South East London

4 / 5

Apr 16, 2018

Dandelyan, one of the bars at the Mondrian Hotel on London’s South Bank (the other is Rumpus Room on the 12th floor), has won so many awards that it will need to get its trophy cabinet reinforced sometime soon. The last few years have seen it win Spirited Awards’ ‘World’s Best Bar’ for 2017, ‘Best Bar Team’ by Time Out in 2017 and ‘Best Place to Drink’ by the Observer in 2015.

Whilst I am not sure it can live up to the title of ‘best bar in the world’ (that’s a tough ask for any bar!), it is an excellent choice for those who want to drink at a classy bar done right, leave the themes or gimmicks at the door. For people who want the classics at their best, Dandelyan is a must-visit.



The Dandelyan bar decor has been inspired by the original design of the interior of its building, the Sea Containers, in the 1970s. Don’t panic though; this ‘70s inspiration doesn’t mean lava lamps, light-up floors and waiters in afro wigs and chest merkins. Instead, it means very comfortable leather seating in a shade of purple that instantly transports you to the disco era. It also means Art Deco revival fixtures and green and gold walls.

But if you’re the kind of person who will enjoy Dandelyan, you don’t really care about the decor, what you really want to know is: can they can make you a mean drink? They definitely deliver on that front. There is a new cocktail menu at Dandelyan inspired by botanicals, but thankfully they’ve resisted the urge to turn every drink into a mini florist. I tried the Pinnacle Point, which perfectly combined sweet pineapple with bitters. The Dandelyan bar team also added an edge of avant-garde fun by serving it with fresh herbs and a slice of chargrilled sweetcorn. This sounds suspect, but it really sets off the flavours by adding a sweet-savoury element. I also tried their BC3 Negroni, an expertly made take on the classic made by the Dandelyan bar team with honey to add a hint of sweetness that balanced out what can be a very bitter drink.

Anyone looking for the perfect place for a boozy business meeting or a weekday drink with a group of friends who wants quality over quirkiness should definitely give Dandelyan a go.