Flora Indica

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Flora Indica

London-South East London

4.3 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Beautiful restaurant and bar Flora Indica is a dab hand at producing plates and glasses crammed with innovative, and often exotic, flavour combinations.

It isn’t often that a restaurant gets us as excited as Flora Indica, either in design or theme. Fusing modern and vintage (in both decor and flavor combinations), this split-level venue is a feast for the eyes and the senses. The interior is light and airy, interspersed with pops of color from the plump dining chairs and illuminated by a series of striking light fixtures that line the walls. To show off their quirky side, Flora Indica has installed an old blue telephone box, along with a series of vintage oddities that are proudly displayed along the walls. And even the bar is stunning in its size and design – a small space that glitters with embossed metal.

The cocktails are based around fresh botanical ingredients (a theme which runs throughout everything produced at Flora Indica) and are shaken according to modern recipes. Nothing displays the bar team’s flair for mixology better than the Botanical Blazer (chai-infused rum, maze-infused whisky, French herbal liqueur, fig liqueur and chocolate bitters), the Santra Sunset (tequila, orange & lime juices, cardamom syrup, chilli, coriander and lime leaves) or the Flora Eden (flambeed fresh sage and rosemary in green chartreuse, gin, orange, lime & lemon juices, Earl Grey and lavender syrup). The spirit selection is like a who’s-who of craft and premium brands, and the wine list is extensive, featuring reds, whites, sparkling and dessert wines from around the world. Plates of food are just as inventive and attractive as the cocktails, fusing flavours, textures and cooking processes to create an a la carte menu that is truly inspired.

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/floraindica/photos