Le Pont de la Tour


Le Pont de la Tour

London-South East London

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A shrine to all things French, Le Pont de la Tour are serving up elegant plates of food, a vast array of wines, and signature cocktails that dazzle.

Akin to a much-loved toy shop, there’s seemingly millions all under one roof at Le Pont de la Tour. Restaurant, bar & grill, wine merchant, food store. Basically, if it’s French, or vaguely Gallic in any way, and they don’t serve or stock it here, then it isn’t worth knowing. The venue stretches along the side of the River Thames, offering a wonderful view of Tower Bridge from its covered outdoor terrace, and is elegant in a light and breezy way. There’s dark woods, shiny leather booths and vintage artwork on the walls; everything you’d desire from a French-style brasserie.
The food at Le Pont de la Tour is beautifully presented and ranges from the inimitable steak frites and foie gras to seafood delights like grilled lobster and salt cod beignets. The wine list is almost laughably long (well, they do boast their own wine merchant, after all) but not intimidatingly so, and the the staff know enough about their grapes to help you navigate your way through. But it’s the cocktails on the menu in the bar & grill that really get us excited. Le Pont de la Tour have created several of their own original concoctions, such as the Pink Opaque (gin and apricot liqueur, shaken with peach, agave syrup, lavender and a dash of orange blossom water), but there’s also a handful of original French recipes that have been re-mastered, like the Pink 75 (a take on a 1915 preparation, with dry gin, pink grapefruit juice and sugar syrup, topped up with champagne). There’s also a wide range of premium spirits, a small selection of champagne cocktails, and an eclectic mix of international bottled beers.