Great food


London-South East London

4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Oblix in London is up on the 32nd floor of the shard! Reservation only to get a window seat and a well executed food and drinks menu.

Located halfway up the Shard, on the thirty second floor, Oblix (not, sadly name after Asterix’s side-kick, rather a nod to the shape of the building) is blessed with one of the best views in London. It’s the first of several venues scheduled to open in the gleaming glass needle, including the forthcoming Aqua Shard. Owned by Rainer Becker, of Zuma renown, this is a splashy, flashy offering, a rather forbidding space in all, with the plum seats by the windows all reservation only – though there is a small no-bookings area in the bar, which serves a simpler version of the restaurant menu. If you’ve not been savvy enough to book ahead you’ll need to crane your neck to appreciate the drama of the view while sipping your wine or working your way through the pricey but well executed menu. The wine list is also very well put together and there’s talk of live music in the lounge. The emphasis here is on glamour and dazzle and competent as the drinks and food are, they take second place to the backdrop of London itself, the silver twisting of the river, the glitter of the city, the steel and glass and green. Take note there’s a cover charge for booking after 9pm in the restaurant; those views are sure are something, but they make you pay for them.