London-South East London

4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Perched over Borough Market, Roast is a sleek and stylish bar in London. The drinks list is incredibly detailed with an focus on seasonality. Find out more!

The bar at Roast boasts one of the best locations in London. Perched directly over the buzz of Borough Market, it’s a sleek glass space, stylish if rather corporate in atmosphere, all gleaming black and white, the bar attractively back-lit in blue. A piano stands in the corner and live music is a frequent feature. The drinks list is incredibly comprehensive, with whole pages devoted to gin martinis and vodkatinis as well as various versions of the Bloody Mary. (A classic BM was well presented and very nicely spiced). The drinks list echoes the ethos of the restaurant, with an emphasis on seasonality. We were also seriously tempted by the Sleeping Beauty, which featured a poached pear in wine, with a mix of cinnamon syrup, apricot brandy, whisky, and lime. But in the end we kept things simple with a crisp and delicious Rhubarb Bellini. The Earl Grey Martini was also a winner, appealingly dry and citrusy. Those with sweet teeth or those who have dined in the main restaurant ß-may well want to explore the bar’s long list of pudding cocktails; we wrapped things up with the Great Alexander, a mix of brandy, cream and chocolate liqueur, like dessert in a glass. There’s a wide-ranging wine list available, along with a huge choice of spirits and liqueurs, and if you’re peckish, there’s also a short but decent list of British bar snacks to choose from, including some gloriously rich haddock croquettes and a platter of smoked sea trout served with rye bread. As in the restaurant proper, vegetarians aren’t particularly well catered for here but then this place is all about celebrating British produce, with meat taking centre stage. Service was attentive and efficient and few things can beat the excellent location and the view that goes with it.