Tanner & Co

London-South East London

3.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

An old school restaurant and bar (in more ways than one), Tanner & Co dish out hearty British food along with creative seasonal cocktails, beer and wine.

Tanner & Co take their “old  school” approach very seriously, particularly when it comes to their decor, which actually does look like an old school gymnasium. In fact, the ropes hanging from the ceiling and the seating booths made out of suede-padded vaulting boxes may give those of you who flunked P.E. terrible flashbacks. But the unique atmosphere, not to mention the classic pub food menu with a modern twist, ensures that you’ll soon be put at ease.
So, the food. Tanner & Co have crafted a menu of fish and meat platters, delicious homemade bar bites and heartier mains like rib of beef, gammon chops, fat fish cakes and spicy bean burgers. They also offer a bargainous two- or three-course lunch menu, in addition to their bottomless brunch and breakfast dishes. Wine is skewed mainly toward European varieties, but the beer and cider selection is a truly international lot. Tanner & Co’s cocktails are slimline in their ingredients list, but well-crafted and executed. Concoctions like the mellow Rum Berry Tot (fruit-infused rumptopf, apple and sweet sherry) and the tooth-achingly sweet When Roobarb and Custard Flipped (rhubarb & vanilla-infused vodka, creamy egg liqueur and condensed milk) are just two of the seasonal delights.