The Courtesan

Jazz & Blues

The Courtesan

London-South East London

4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Located in Brixton, The Courtesan offers above the cut Cocktails and Dim Sums in an opium den inspired space. A selection from World's Best Bars in London.

The unorthodox combination of cocktails and dim sum have been popularised by chains such as Ping Pong, but independent venues like The Courtesan in Brixton are far more exciting in what they offer.
The space has been designed to resemble an opium den, lots of dark wood and red silk, an over-familiar ‘exotic’ aesthetic, but one that’s nicely executed here.
They offer a wide selection of excellent teas including a delicate, floral white tea with whole pink rosebuds – alongside a range of enticing and inventive cocktails with an Asian twist: drinks like the Courtier, an aromatic mix of Lapsang Souchong and whisky with fig liqueur and chili, or the Treacherous Heart, a punchy blend of plum wine, Martell, red bean and yet more chili.
The Xi Shi, a mix of Havana 7 year old with Prosecco, Curacao and Chrysanthemum honey is delicate and refreshing, another good bet.
Their dumplings are also a cut above. The Char Siu buns, the sublime, silky Cheung Fun and the plump Duck Puffs are all well worth trying. Ditto their Grilled Turnip Cakes and Prawn and Crab dumplings, full of good quality prawn with casings of just the right consistency.
Located a short stroll from Brixton Village and its various eateries, this is an excellent addition to the neighbourhood, not to mention London‘s dim sum map.