Kona Kai

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Kona Kai

London-South West London

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May 11, 2018

Tiki fun in the heart of Fulham, Kona Kai serves up fruity cocktails and bar food in a Polynesian themed atmosphere fit for an explorer.

Fulham’s taste of French Polynesia is served up by the bucketload at Kona Kai, a tiki bar with a colourful personality and even more colourful drinks lineup. Stepping inside feels like strolling into the lounge of an old-time explorer in the South Pacific – all wicker chairs, bamboo pillars, thatched roof and kitsch seashell lamp shades – which is the perfect backdrop for sipping some fruity libations. The impressive rows of spirits behind Kona Kai’s bar belies the range of the cocktails on offer, which ranges from regular Trader Vic’s-style fare (mai tais, daiquiris and zombies) to a selection of contemporary concoctions. Favourites include the sweet Kona Swizzle – white rum, pomegranate juice, lemongrass, vanilla and prosecco – the seasonal Mrs Fig – fig, peach, pomegranate, brandy and Italian liqueur – and the Bond Girl-esque Island Princess – white rum, lychees and rose syrup. As you would expect, all cocktails come served in funky glassware, but none more so than Kona Kai’s range of shareable cocktails, which come served in ceramic canoes, skull heads and conch shells. There’s a small selection of wine, beer and champagne, but cocktails is what you’ve come for, and Kona Kai takes them extremely seriously, even offering cocktail masterclasses for aspiring mixologists. In addition, the Kona Kai food menu features sharing platters, burgers and breaded prawns, which all make for a perfect accompaniment to the delicious drinks.