Powder Keg Diplomacy

Chill Out

Powder Keg Diplomacy

London-South West London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Powder Keg Diplomacy balances high energy with a cosy venue, ideal for drinks with mates, lunch with the family or a romantic dinner date. The range of wines, cocktails and beers here, coupled with excellent food, invites a wide customer base.

The awning fronted bar offers outdoor seating to make the most of rare balmy days, and the wide glass front welcomes you into the bright interior. Following the chevron floor through the bar, you’ll enter the sunlit kitsch conservatory offering a snug social haven. A recent renovation restyled the venue, with colourful seating complimenting the flower wall murals, and kitsch details such as hunting helmets, candlesticks and empty frames add to the atmosphere.

Bartenders mix their specially created cocktails with passion, offering suggestions to compliment the chefs’ superb catering. Trust these guys, they are well trained, experienced and have the most excellent ideas. One exceptional, not-to-be-missed offering is George’s Giant Peach, a fruity refreshment offering a tasty tang and garnished with peach. Daring dinner patrons should try the paprika dusted Octopus, while those wanting a meal to leave a lasting impression should splash out for the Galician Blond steak, priced by weight, for a melt-in-the-mouth experience.

The bar is best visited on a Sunday to make the most of the Sunday brunch or lunch menus, often offering a 2 course deal, but make sure you use the website to book a table as this can get pretty popular.