The Jam Tree Clapham


The Jam Tree Clapham

London-South West London

3.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Clapham branch of the Jam Tree offers a large list of original cocktails using jam as a base ingredient. Good food & friendly service, do you need more?

The Clapham branch of the Jam Tree is a deceptive space. Housed in a boxy modern building in the heart of the Old Town, initial impressions suggest an already sizeable room, airy and bright with a shiny tin ceiling, but venture behind the bookcase and you’ll find a whole other bar area, complete with ping-pong table and a courtyard garden with plenty of outdoor seating.
This is the second branch in the franchise (the first in Chelsea) and it’s already proving popular with locals.
The drinks list includes a large list of original cocktails, many of which use jam as a base ingredient. The Royale Tree was a fruity mix of champagne, Absolut raspberry vodka, strawberry jam and orange juice, refreshing and not too cloying, and the Wu Jam Clam was an equally pleasant blend of rum, coconut liqueur and tropical juices served long; only the Clockwork Orange, which paired vodka, Cointreau, apricot and blackcurrant jams, orange juice and bitters, could have done with more complexity.
Those with sweet teeth will be in their element here we think but those who prefer sharper, more layered drinks may want to stick to the classic cocktails. We liked their Porn Star Martini, its champagne chaser served in a mini jam jar (nice touch) and rounded out our night with a well-mixed Espresso Martini.
The food menu is divided into ‘Dude Food’ (but of course) and skinny salads, from the former section a pulled pork burger was suitably decadent, while a squash, radish and beetroot salad was very attractively presented and well put together.
Desserts were, once again, all about the sweet: peanut butter and jam cheesecake, a Mississippi mud pie.
The service was friendly and we can see why this is already a hit with the Clapham crowd.