The Shrub & Shutter


The Shrub & Shutter

London-South West London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Shrub and Shutter is an eclectic London haunt that's perfect for anyone who wants a drink on the wild side.

Brixton’s covered markets are a hotbed of foodie experimentalism, so it’s small wonder that just round the corner, there’s a bar offering a seriously imaginative approach to cocktail creation. The Shrub & Shutter’s wilder flights of fancy include an awesomely geeky Star Wars-themed cocktail with a cryogenically frozen raspberry, a scratchcard for a garnish, and spiced duck hearts as a bar snack. And the creativity doesn’t stop there: drinks are served in anything from to a novelty lobster mug to a miniature builder’s trug. But all this gimmickry is in service of some sturdy mixing credentials. Highlights of the ever-changing drinks menu include the Carlito’s Whey, made with tobacco leaf grappa, and Citizen Kane, which mixes rum and smoked sugar cane. There are also a few nods to the vibrant Caribbean culture on the streets outside, including Ackee & Saltfish, which comes with a side of fish fritters.The Shrub & Shutter’s young, lively vibe is best absorbed on the high stools at the bar area. But for anyone wanting to get stuck into the serious food menu (the chef Joe Knowlden-Southwell cut his teeth at rave-reviewed Shoreditch restaurant and foodlab The Clove Club) there are comfier perches at the tables in the quieter back room.  In a nod to the name, quirky pot plants fill the bar area, and sprigs of  herbs adorn many of the drinks. It’s fitting for a hangout that’s fresh, green, and full of life. Photo credit –