The Southsider Cocktail Club


The Southsider Cocktail Club

London-South West London

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May 11, 2018

Another new addition to the ever-evolving Battersea Rise in an attractive urban-New York kind of way. Drinks are taken seriously here and well priced.

Another new addition to the ever-evolving Battersea Rise, once little more than a string of chain restaurants now the home of a clutch of decent bars and eateries including Soif and Rise 46, Southsider is the sister bar of Clapham’s 64th and Social.
The room is attractive in an urban vaguely New Yorky kind of way, with cosy red and black booths, exposed brickwork and graphic art from a London-based street artist on the walls, Battersea’s iconic power station taking pride of place in a dramatic cityscape.
Drinks are taken very seriously here and the cocktail list features some truly inventive creations. Many of the drinks have a playful twist.
The Bloody Warhol is new take on the traditional Bloody Mary which blends beef jerky vodka with tomato, lime, celery salt and Tabasco and comes served in a Campbell’s soup can.
The Credence Coconut Water is a mix of gin, the titular coconut water, nettle cordial, lemon juice, and lavender bitters, and desiccated coconut.
The Full English Flip meanwhile blends bacon bourbon, with a whole egg, maple syrup, and angostura bitters and those with a sweet tooth might want to sample their Butter Beer blends manuka honey vodka, popcorn rum, butterscotch schnapps, liquefied butter, soft toffee caramel, and a good splash of beer.
Smooth music plays in the background and the crowd is hip yet chilled out. Drinks are well priced, especially considering the amount of imagination on display.

Main photo credits: The Southsider Cocktail Club  official Facebook page