Night Out


London-South West London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

If mezcal-infused shenanigans in spookily subterranean surroundings are your thing, then a visit to London’s Mexican-themed underground bar Tonteria is a must.

This lively drinking den boasts a colourful glowing skull DJ booth, green creepers that run up the walls, a toy train to deliver your drinks, and black leather coated seating arrangements or even hammocks from which you can enjoy the fun. Despite its playfulness, the bar retains an intimate feel, due in part to the fact that it is an underground lair with low lighting.

The food on offer continues in the same spirit – high-end Mexican and South American street food offered up tapas style that will keep those hunger pangs at bay. Try their patatas bravas, crispy calamari or their twist on a good old platter of sharing nachos. Washed down with a few frozen margaritas or [insert tequila cocktail of choice here] and you’ll be ready to dance around the glowing skull with the best of them when the club opens at 11 pm. True tequila fans will be pleased with the vast selection of spirits on offer, from Jose Cuervo to Don Julio to Patron – drink them straight up or as the base of an indulgent cocktail.

London’s Tonteria bar in Sloane Square is the latest creation of Guy Pelly, friend of royalty and the brain father of the celeb-heavy Whisky Mist and the homage to Honolulu that is Mahiki bar. Accordingly, you can expect the glitterati to be out in full force, and with their strict door policy it can be difficult to get inside. Try to get on the guest list to avoid the queues and enjoy the madness once you’re in!

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