The Barbary


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bringing a hint of North Africa and Spain to London, The Barbary takes all on a gastronomic journey, an odyssey full of sublime food, cocktails, and wine.

The latest venue from one of London’s hottest hospitality teams, The Barbary is bringing the flavours of North Africa and Southern Spain to Covent Garden’s colourful Neal’s Yard. The team behind The Barbary has been receiving steady rave reviews since 2014 for their tantalising Israeli food and cocktails at The Palomar, and they bring a similar flair for the aromas and tastes of Mediterranean-kissed lands to its sister venue, The Barbary. Aiming to offer more than just simply dining and drinks, The Barbary brings all who cross its threshold on a gastronomic adventure from the Barbary Coast of North Africa all the way to Israel by way of the southern reaches of Spain. The inspiration for the venue came from the owners’ in-depth exploration into the heritage of Israeli cuisine, and that digging led them straight to the shores of North Africa. The food menu is heavily focused on fresh baked goods and sizzling grilled delicacies, while cocktails also draw inspiration from the Barbary Coast featuring intriguing combinations that are both refreshingly sweet and savoury. Make note that The Barbary is an intimate space, with only 24 seats as of writing, so make sure and get there early for your culinary journey, as no reservations are accepted.