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The Punch Room bar verified


4 / 5

Apr 16, 2018

Punch room based in the Edition hotel London, UK, is a one of a kind 19th century ‘club’ inspired bar. Serving magnificent punch bowl infusions, it is a the ideal place of a cold winders night.

Welcome to the Punch Room, the manor house library inspired, ‘private club’ feel bar, found at the back of the EDITION hotel in London.

The gorgeous and majestic 19th century style den is filled with some pretty spectacular drinks, especially the punch bowl. Dramatic low lighting helps you to settle into the Tabaco leather club chairs beside a crackling fireplace. You may feel like you have just leaped back in time with fumed oak panelled walls and marvellous plastered mural ceilings. The focus at the Punch Room is to give you a taste of some tea drinking traditions, which is why we recommend the jasmine tea infused punch bowl.

All varieties of drinks can be ordered as individuals or to serve up to 8 people! One must try at the Punch Room is their ‘scandal water.’ Scandal water was the nickname for afternoon tea among the upper class workers of London, where they shared ‘scandalous’ tales and had the opportunity to gossip. The Punch Room offers a package style deal for ordering their speciality ‘scandal water’ which is five teas with five food pairings, including iced gem shortbread with butter cream or some miso cured salmon and caviar! We think that they have done a fantastic job at recreating glimpses of the past. As this bar is one of a kind it is strictly reservations only, so ensure that you book ahead to be able to avoid disappointment.