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The Punch Room
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Apr 16, 2018

Punch room based in the Edition hotel London, UK, is a one of a kind 19th century ‘club’ inspired bar. Serving magnificent punch bowl infusions, it is a the ideal place of a cold winders night.

The London Edition is no doubt one of coolest hotels in London. It’s contemporary, oozing in style, and kudos too, gaining proper respect from bartender industry crowd. A must visit is the hotel’s secret bar, The Punch Room, but we’re talking a discreet and classy kind of ‘secret’, no gimmicky fridge entrances or bookshelves.

Once through the subtle hidden door, you enter a low-lit smart-looking room. It’s big enough for you to spread out but small enough for a cosy, intimate feel. Calm and low-key is the vibe, with its table candles, wood-panelled walls and Chesterfield-style benches. With its no-fuss decor it could so easily be bland, but is brought alive with a lively disco soundtrack, playful cocktails and friendly bartending team.

When it comes to tipples, make a beeline for the House Milk Punch, The Punch Room’s signature cocktail. Served in a hearty dimpled glass, the clear liquid tastes like sweet coconut and pineapple – think a grown-up Piña Colada, with a hint of spicy cinnamon and savoury tea notes. The part we always love about hotel bar drinks – the snacks! (Don’t pretend you’re not slightly thrilled by these cheeky bonus treats.) At The Punch Room, your booze comes with a side of blue cheese popcorn, characteristic of the bar’s playful, yet mature, take on classics.

A great place for conversation (the crowd are chill and the music is not too loud) makes this, coupled with the classy cocktails, the perfect escape for a little rendezvous.