The Beachcomber


The Beachcomber

London-West London

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Classic tiki-style cocktails are concocted with modern-day ingredients at The Beachcomber, which also serves delicious Creole finger food.

No-one could ever accuse The Beachcomber of not going all-out with their tiki bar theme. Although the entrance to the venue may look small and rather ordinary (it’s squeezed between a row of shops on a Bayswater high street), inside it’s a totally different story. A bamboo-clad bar, grass-covered stools and walls, seashells, rope and decorative palm fronds are just the tip of the iceberg in this late-night drinking den.

The Beachcomber’s drinks menu is filled with a range of classic tiki-style cocktails, some of which have recipes that date back as far as the 1800s. Many of the concoctions include rum (obviously), but gin, vodka, tequila and even absinthe make an appearance, as in the Cocoyage Fizz  – the oldest recipe on the drinks card, combining roasted nutmeg genever, absinthe, bitters, coconut, cream, egg white and lemon. A couple of our other favorites include the Lost in the Pacific (Japanese rum, yellow chartreuse, peach liqueur, yerba mate syrup and lime) and the Aloe-Ha! (gin, yellow chartreuse, aloe vera, elderflower, shiso leaf, cucumber, juniper berry and black peppercorn). Parties and larger groups can have even more fun with one of the sharing cocktails, such as the Rum Syndicate, which serves ten people and combines a selection of ten (yes, really) different Caribbean rums.

When it comes to the food, The Beachcomber comes up trumps again. Having partnered with a Caribbean cookbook author, they’ve created a menu of Creole-style bar bites and finger food, including the wonderfully moreish saltfish fritters, plantain chips and aubergine patties.

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