The Marylebone


The Marylebone

London-West London

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May 11, 2018

The Marylebone may look like a fancy pub from the outside, but is actually a gem of a cocktail bar serving up house-infused spirits and liqueurs.

The Marylebone may look like your typical London pub from
the outside and indeed, it once was (or so the inscription from 1863 on the
exterior would have us believe, anyway). Aside from the fact that it has now
been painted charcoal grey, there isn’t much else to alert you to the fact that
inside lies one of the city’s best cocktail bars. Well, except perhaps for the
throngs of people on the outdoor terrace during the summer months,that is.


The interior of The Marylebone is shabby chic – worn
wooden tables and flooring, comfy bench seats strewn with cushions, exposed
brick and a distressed paint job on the bar itself. It’s all rather inviting.
Once you’ve claimed a seat, it’ll take you a minute to leaf through the
cocktail menu, filled with concoctions muddled with house infusions (The
Marylebone infuses nearly all of their spirits and liqueurs to enhance your
cocktail-drinking experience). This results in some wonderfully fruity and
herbal combinations, like the Easy Peasy (pear chilli cognac, rosemary, cardamom,
apples and pears), the Kaffirinha (kaffir and echinacea cachaca, lime and
sugar) and The Fappening (toffee apple bourbon, lemon and apple). And to the
usual ingredients of tabasco, worcestershire sauce and chilli, the house Bloody
Mary can be spiked with anything from mustard-infused vodka to cucumber-ginseng
gin; the choice is yours. Slightly less exciting, but equally as quaffable, is
the selection of international wines, nearly all of which can be ordered by
both the glass or the bottle.

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