Roxanne’s Cocktail Lounge

Long Beach-City Centre

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A lounge bar with a touch of Latin flair in Long Beach, Roxanne's has brought a unique blend of swanky style and craft cocktails to the neighbourhood.

A place to eat, drink, dance, and celebrate in Long Beach, Roxanne’s Cocktail Lounge has been a welcome breath of fresh air for the bar scene in this oceanside city. 

Roxanne’s opened up at an address that had previously housed a bar, but let’s just say the former venue’s reputation wasn’t necessarily the most sparkling in the history of drinking establishments. When Roxanne’s took over, everything changed, with the decor going from dive to dapper and the drinks turning from napkin scribbles to works of art. Our favorite part of the new interior is definitely the authentic-as-can-be tin ceiling, which fits even more perfectly once you find out the building dates from the 1940s. Other little touches that impress us mightily are the brick walls, a latticed spiral staircase made of iron, and the slick marble-effect bar top presided over by vintage vested bartenders.

As fantastic as all the renovation has been, it’s the tipples those ‘tenders are pouring that will have you coming back for more though, as Roxanne’s has taken the lead on bringing the craft cocktail revolution to Long Beach. The menu overflows with classics like mules and manhattans in addition to a few of their own special creations and plenty of craft beer. There’s even a speakeasy hidden at the back for those really wanting to crank the swankiness up, and if you get peckish, there’s a roster of fantastic Latin-inspired bites at the ready.