Live music

Sassafras Saloon

Los Angeles-Central LA

4.4 / 5

May 11, 2018

A nostalgic watering hole from yesteryear, the Sassafras Saloon offers all who enter a taste of the past, while pouring some of today's best cocktails.

While many remember the Old West as a lawless place full of outlaws, sheriffs, tumbleweeds, and shootouts, some remember it more for making famous one of the finest bar genres of all time: the saloon. Aiming to bring the fun and fancy-free attitude of the saloon era into the modern day, the Sassafras Saloon has swung open it doors, combining the highest level of craft cocktail-making with an atmosphere you’ll find nowhere else. Upon entry, you will be taken aback at the length the Sassafras Saloon has gone in its effort for authenticity. Just a few of the touches that will take you back in time include tin roof tiles, wooden floor panels, antique cash register, booze barrels, and an upper level performance area ringed by wooden spindles. The greatest retro aspect of all, though, may be the fully functioning bottle conveyor belt that circles the bar, shifting house-made barrel-aged spirits back and forth throughout the night. Many of the items have in fact been brought from a home in Savannah, and as thus the Sassafras Saloon stands as a testament to both Old West and Southern charm. Luckily for us, all the cocktails are crafted with modern skill like the Sweet Ti – rum, sage, herbal liqueur, homemade blackberry jam, and lime – and Garden District – aged tequila, ancho chili liqueur, homemade tomato jam, lime, and cayenne. For the teetotalers, the Sassafras Saloon even makes their own sarsaparilla soda.

Main photo credit: Sassafras Saloon official website