Sassafras Saloon

Live music

Sassafras Saloon

Los Angeles-Central LA

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A nostalgic watering hole from yesteryear, the Sassafras Saloon offers all who enter a taste of the past, while pouring some of today's best cocktails.

A fun-loving and vibrant crowd is drawn here by the carefully crafted ambience, packing the venue to listen to the regular blues, jazz and rock performances or just reclining among the potted plants with one of the Saloon’s extravagant house cocktails.

Another success from the celebrated 1933 Group, the Sassafrass Saloon joins their line of themed bars: Oldfield’s Liquor Room, Bigfoot Lodge and The Thirsty Crow to name a few and, like its stablemates, it has its own personality and its own devoted attendees. For the Sassafrass Saloon, nothing would suffice other than a genuine Savannah townhouse, taken down and transported to Hollywood and rebuilt on Vine Street.

The 1933 Group is rightfully noted for their cocktail expertise and the Saloon does not disappoint, treating patrons to an array of refined and delicious craft cocktails using ingredients with a decidedly Southern theme. Of course, they offer a house-brewed sarsaparilla; alternatively, you could partake of a Pimm’s cup done properly, with strawberries and slices of cucumber for a delightfully fresh nose. For a truly memorable experience, dive into one of the Saloon’s barrel-aged beverages. Although the staff here are committed to the craft cocktail ethos, quality ingredients and elegant simplicity are emphasised. There are no fifteen-minute science-fair productions here; just well-crafted drinks served by friendly staff.

It wouldn’t be Southern hospitality without plenty of good food on hand, and here the Saloon also delivers. The food is grounded in traditional Southern-style cooking but given a modern makeover. Crab cakes, shrimp po’ boys and fried green tomatoes are all in evidence, but regulars swear by the short-rib sliders.

Main photo credit: Sassafras Saloon official website