Copa d'Oro
    City-Center, Los Angeles

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    You won't find a cocktail menu at Copa d'Oro, not in the conventional sense they do things differently there. Instead you'll be offered bespoke drinks, tailored to your tastes. Having thrown a few questions your way, the skilled bar tenders will then set to mixing you something special. Have an ultra sweet tooth? No problem. Like your drink as stiff as a fence post. It shall be done. It helps that their ingredients are fresh as can be (all their fruits come from the nearby farmers' market) and that the team is headed by the well-regarded Vincenzo Marianella. If you give them the say-so to do as they please, then some of their concoctions might turn out pretty wild - is that a tube of wasabi that guy's wielding? but the staff here really know their business and it tells in the drinks they produce. Think of it as an adventure.

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