Los Angeles-City-Center

3.5 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Honeycut is a retro-cool basement cocktail bar and nightclub located in Downtown L.A., serving up masterful cocktails and good times by the bucketful.

There is a lot that is retro about Honeycut, a basement cocktail bar and club in Downtown L.A. From the font used on their bright neon sign out front, to the underlit neon blue dancefloor, and even the smooth wool-topped pool table around which patrons mingle and chatter. To enter Honeycut, you have to descend 15-feet below Flower Street, down some industrial-looking hallways lined with metal piping, and choose your entrance depending on your mood: either the slightly-more-sedate cocktail lounge or the dancing discotheque. 

Over in Honeycut’s lounge bar, cocktails are the name of the game – each lovingly-crafted and presented with flair. The bar team fuses some tantalizing flavours with terrific results; just take a look at the Proper Motion (ghee-washed brandy blend, coffee, vanilla & banana liqueurs, pineapple and lime) and the Aerolite (two types of tequila, sherry, pear, pineapple, lime, chilli salt and aloe) to see what we mean. There’s a small selection of wines and beers on offer here, too, along with a few sharing cocktails, but the main highlight is the mixology.

In Honeycut’s discotheque, further along the hall,  the drinks card is slightly more simple, with a focus on classic cocktails and mixers (strawberry cream with cognac, and ginger-birch with gin are bound to become your new favorite tipples), along with a couple of house shooters and a handful of American ales. Basically, even if you don’t tear up the dancefloor or defeat your friends at pool, you won’t be disappointed with the drinks at Honeycut, that we can say for sure.