Melrose Umbrella Co.

Late Night Drinking

Melrose Umbrella Co.

Los Angeles-City-Center

4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Post-Prohibition-era bar with an eclectic, old-fashioned interior, the Melrose Umbrella Co. serves a small seasonal cocktail menu that always inspires.

If you’re weary of the rise of prohibition-era speakeasies and hideaways but love the nostalgia they conjure, then the Melrose Umbrella Co. may just be perfect for you. Retaining the charm of a bygone era and an old-fashioned experience, the Melrose Umbrella Co. actually outright lauds the post-prohibition-era, by celebrating cocktails in all their glory. And you won’t have to dodge down a back alley and call a private number to gain entrance, either.

The decor at the Melrose Umbrella Co. is nothing short of fantastic; from the exposed stone and concrete walls, to the mosaic-tiled floors, glowing cast-iron fireplace and apothecary cupboard bar (complete with ladder for extracting the hard-to-reach spirits), it truly feels like another world. The bar is named after a stately gentleman who was Lord Mayor of York in the late 19th Century and, true to its name, displays a collection of old-fashioned and vintage umbrellas around the walls. The cocktail list here is short (they only offer nine different cocktails – four classics and five house specials), but the selection is constantly-changing and always inspiring.

A customer favourite is the Soda Jerk (a blend of rum, bitters, almond-flavoured syrup and ginger beer, topped with a cherry – not always on the menu but regularly requested), but other seasonal specials have included the Croatian Vacation (vodka, French aperitif, lime, sweet syrup, strawberries and cherry tomato) and The Living Daylights (raspberry-infused scotch, Pimm’s, lemon, honey, mint leaf and scotch mist). We also have it on good authority that the Melrose Umbrella Co. whips up a great dirty martini, along with a specialised “coffee program” for early risers – but don’t just take our word for it.