Live music

No Name

Los Angeles-City-Center

4.3 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

An exclusive nameless bar on LA's ultra-hip Fairfax Ave, No Name Bar caters to movers and shakers while mixing up some of the finest cocktails in the city.

In the middle of Fairfax Avenue – which has become one of the hippest and most eclectic streets in all of Los Angeles – you will find a mysterious venue called No Name Bar. You won’t find a sign for No Name Bar, however, and if you accidentally pass the bar and turn to your smartphone for more information, you won’t find a website or social media page for it either. If you are lucky enough to have scored an invite, once you make your way inside, you will find yourself having an unbelievable night out.  No Name Bar started as a space for those in the creative industries – think actors, actresses, artists, and musicians – to be able to go to and relax over food and drinks without having to worry about crowds and paparazzi. No Name Bar fostered a chill, ‘house party’ style atmosphere from the start, and that has become its true calling card. Originally, the only way to get in was if you personally knew someone who was already in the bar’s inner circle, but they have loosened that a bit since, now simply requiring reservations, which they accept via e-mail only. In addition to playing host to a scene full of celebrities, No Name Bar is famous for serving fantastic American comfort food like fried chicken and custom-mixed craft cocktails, all to the soundtrack of scintillating live music. It’s this unique combination and relaxing vibe that eschews the spotlight – pictures aren’t allowed to be taken inside – which makes it like nothing else in the city.