Rivera Restaurant
    City-Center, Los Angeles

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    LA's Downtown dining scene was granted a considerable gift when Chef John Rivera Sedlar decided to open his latest eatery in the neighbourhood. The man behind Saint Estephe, Bikini and Abiquiu has created a similarly compelling space, a "community restaurant" that celebrates Latin gastronomy. Inside the low-lit multi-room space is seriously sleek and glamorous, with an attractive bar (complete with customized sofas with their own little drinks trays) that serves some damn fine cocktails and a more formal dining area. There's some really inventive cooking going on in the kitchens and the food blends flavours from across Latin America. The drinks show an equal level of care and creativity and the wine list is pretty impressive too, full of Spanish and Latin American varieties. Service can be so-so but on the whole the pros for outweigh the cons.
    photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/RiveraDTLA

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