The Spare Room

Jazz & Blues

The Spare Room

Los Angeles-City-Center

4.2 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Styled as a modern-day ‘gaming parlour and cocktail lounge’, the Spare Room in Hollywood, Los Angeles, shakes up classics, 1920s style with a mischievous, playful edge.

Step inside, and you might notice a wood-clad wall slide back to reveal a hidden photo booth. Along another wall, there’s an old-fashioned bowling alley, complete with attendants dressed to the T in Roaring Twenties attire faithfully keeping score on an old-school chalkboard. Order a drink – the Hot Day in South Central, a spicy blend of tequila blanco, arbol chile, cucumber, coriander and lime, comes highly recommended, as does the bourbon-fuelled Menace to Sobriety. While you wait, you can play a round or two of dominoes, Jenga, connect four, card games and a whole host of other traditional table top amusements.

The décor offsets all the fun and games, with dark, moody interiors furnished by cosy leather booths, complete with bookcases. The venue is also inside the upscale Roosevelt Hotel so dress to impress – the door policy veers towards the exclusive, in contrast to the warm ambience once you’re inside.

This off-kilter combination of childlike games in a grown-up, luxury space doesn’t come cheap – especially given how serious the Spare Room takes its mixology credentials. Expect cocktails with a $15 price tag, and punch bowls ranging from $60 to $240, depending on whether you want to keep 4 or 20 people well lubricated for the evening. Even a round of bowling will set you back an eye-watering $150.

Still, for a night of fun in a venue that oozes vintage Hollywood cool, it definitely delivers on the value. And if a raucous night of board games and bowling isn’t quite to your taste, this low-lit sultry space and impeccable drink selection makes the Spare Room a perfect place for intimate conversation and relaxation.