The Walker Inn

Late Night Drinking

The Walker Inn

Los Angeles-City-Center

4.6 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Walker Inn in Los Angeles USA, is a secretive and exciting bar with the innovative method of changing their menu every few weeks-ensuring customers never bore of their cuisine.

Tucked away with a secret door sits the Japanese tea house/speakeasy style bar, the Walker Inn. The secretive nature of the bar makes it exciting and ideal for an intimate and classy evening. 
Offering a changing and exciting menu, it ensures that you won’t ever get bored of their worldly cuisine. With their menus re-imaged each 4-6 weeks it is easy to see why they are so popular. We have been told that their set Omakase style menu is worth a taste and of course trying something fresh and new is definitely recommended! 

Their policy of two cocktails minimum ensures that their guests get to try more delicious flavours instead of just one! If you can, ask for the ‘arugula cocktail’ which contains fennel seeds, pollen and bulb plant’. Their friendly mixologists are happy to mix up anything on request, which means you can incorporate your favourites into a cocktail! They also have an extensive range of spirits and local wines. 
Their small and cosy 27-seat bar means that it gets busy very quickly. While walk-ins are welcome, its best to book online first.