Upstairs Rooftop Lounge at the Ace Hotel


Upstairs Rooftop Lounge at the Ace Hotel

Los Angeles-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

Rooftop pool bar located in the Gothic-looking Ace Hotel, The Upstairs Bar hosts live music and events, as well as shaking up creative and cool cocktails.

One visit to The Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel will never be like another – partly due to the bar’s constantly-rotating events calendar (pool parties, movie screenings, DJ sets, live bands) and partly because the crowd is evolving as the bar gains notoriety as an all-day hangout. The concrete pool that lies in the centre of the rooftop space is only small (no-one will be training for the Olympics in it) but it provides the perfect juxtaposition to the stunningly-impressive Gothic tower of the hotel in which it resides. The rest of the decor at The Upstairs Bar is laidback and ‘earthy’, featuring tree trunk tables, Moroccan-style printed cushions, studded leather armchairs and mis-shapen ceramic hanging lamps.
The cocktail menu at The Upstairs Bar is based on international transit system, with ingredients and names broken down by city (London, NYC, Paris and LA) and a color-based key as to the flavor profiles of each drink. The bar claims the menu is “traditional”, yet we see nothing old-fashioned about the ingredients and styles of these refreshing concoctions. Favorites include the Paddington Station (Pimm’s, pisco, strawberry jam, lemon, aperitif, basil, herbal liqueur and bitters), the Little Tokyo (plum wine, salted honey, douglas fir brandy, ponzu, sparkling wine and dried chilli tincture) and the Carroll Street (pineapple-infused rum, lemongrass orgeat, raspberry, lemon and bitters). The Upstairs Bar also offers a frozen drink of the day, as well as a house old fashioned, and the canned beer selection is all craft and sourced from around the US. We hardly even have time to mention the wine list , and the coffee & cold-pressed juices, or the food list (American finger food and sandwiches – perfect for pool dining).