Harvard & Stone

Live music

Harvard & Stone

Los Angeles-Hollywood

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A unique cocktail bar and live music venue in LA, Harvard & Stone is home to an impeccably designed decor and a mixologist team that will blow you away.

Part hip cocktail bar, part entertainment venue, and all parts Americana, Harvard & Stone stars with an ensemble cast of masterfully-mixed drinks, ultra cool interior, and rollicking live shows. 

Located in the heart of all the glitz, glamour, and flashing lights of Los Angeles, Harvard & Stone is quite the opposite: an easygoing haven for cocktail aficionados. While the bar pours their drinks in a polished space that looks as though it was put together by a set designer (think western saloon meets steampunk), it does everything with a thoroughly laid back attitude. This results in a crowd that isn’t seeking out the spotlight, just something great to sip on and to have a good time. No, you won’t find too many tables full of aspiring reality show stars at Harvard & Stone, but you may find a few folks behind the bar who deserve to appear on the next season of America’s Next Best Mixologist. The staff is skilled to say the least, mixing up stunning seasonal specials like the recent Kiwi Paloma (mezcal, kiwi cordial, lime, pineapple, grapefruit, jalapeno, and cilantro) and Honeydew Collins (premium gin, elderflower liqueur, coconut cream, kaffir lime leaves, lime, and honeydew). 

The cocktails get even more creative at the tucked away R&D Bar, which plays host to a rotating collection of some of the city’s finest movers, shakers, and strainers. Throw in the midweek gigs by local bands and the boisterous burlesque on the weekends, and you get the feeling that a star has been born.