Late Night Drinking

Match Cigar Bar

Louisville-Bastille and the Marais

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May 11, 2018

Match Cigar Bar is a craft whiskey and bourbon specialist who also serves classic cocktails and cigars in ranch house-style surroundings.

Settling into a soft leather chair at Match Cigar Bar feels much like it would after a hard day’s work – extremely rewarding and comforting. This, we can only assume, is why they refer to themselves as a ‘house’ rather than simply a ‘bar’; the aesthetic is one of a tastefully-decorated ranch residence – all wood finishes, table lamps and a cozy fireplace. Despite being a stone’s throw from downtown Louisville, Match Cigar Bar successfully makes you feel as though you stepped into a stylish suburban home; a home stocked with a great drinks cabinet that is.
Match Cigar Bar’s pride and joy sits perched behind the long wooden bar – their bottle selection of bourbon, scotch, whiskey and rye. Many of the spirits on the shelves are aged or artisanal, with a focus on American distilleries rather than international. The selection of beers at Match Cigar Bar, too, are of the craft variety and served on tap, while the cocktails that are lovingly-created by the in-house mixologist are like a who’s-who of the classic cocktail world (think silky old fashioneds and sippable daiquiris). Hand-rolled cigars to accompany your imbibing can be purchased right next door and then enjoyed inside Match Cigar Bar, who also offer a modest menu of burgers and appetizers (the mini crab cakes with sriracha aioli are our favorite).
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