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Haymarket Whiskey Bar


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May 11, 2018

A haven for whiskey lovers in Louisville, Haymarket Whiskey Bar is home to hundreds of bottles of the spirit, spirited live music, and a retro cool arcade.

Located near the former site of one of Louisville’s historic farmers markets, Haymarket Whiskey Bar describes itself as quite simply ‘a great place to imbibe’. With all due respect to the bar, with more than 100 bourbons and 200 total whiskeys overall, as well as over 50 craft beers, and live music, we’d say they are one of the finest places to imbibe anywhere in America. 

While Haymarket Whiskey Bar is without a doubt a multi-faceted venue, it’s the love for whiskey that is at the venue’s heart, and what it truly does best. The whiskey menu is broken down into categories; bourbon (Kentucky’s pride and joy), rye whiskeys, moonshines, assorted American whiskies, and a collection of single and blended malts from abroad. While the vastness of this list is impressive, it’s the way they pour the spirit that has us coming back for more. Each and every bottle is tipped with precision over ice, straight up, with a dash of water, or in a cocktail. The list is a combination of some of the most famous spirit names in the world and up-and-coming artisan distillers, all bringing something unique to the collection.  

And if you think whiskey appreciation sounds like it may be a more reserved affair, nothing could be further from the truth at Haymarket. No, the venue host concerts from local and national acts four nights a week and even installed a vintage arcade complete with pinball machines and skeeball lanes. Credit Photo: https://www.facebook.com/haymarketwhiskeybar/photos