Lilly’s Bistro

Lilly’s Bistro


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Groundbreaking farm-to-table restaurant and cocktail bar in Louisville that is constantly re-inventing itself with fantastic, and award-winning, results.

An early mover-and-shaker in the farm-to-table movement (before it was even known as farm-to-table, in fact), Lilly’s Bistro has been Louisville’s place to go for locally-sourced, seasonal Southern cooking and cocktails since 1988. The creation of esteemed chef Kathy Cary, Lilly’s Bistro became a bold national trendsetter by shining a spotlight on the benefits of using local farmers and purveyors to stock their cupboards. Ever since opening at its all-American corner location, the menu at Lilly’s Bistro has showcased the best of Southern cooking, typically evolving every 2-3 weeks depending on sourcing and seasonality (recently featuring a locally sourced chicken pate, veal scaloppini, and pan-fried soft shell crab). As famous as Lilly’s has become in Kentucky for the culinary creations on offer, the bar manages to keep pace, stocking an impressive collection of local bourbons (naturally featuring plenty of local artisan distillers), fine wine, and craft beer, in addition to mixing magnificent cocktails. A few of our favorite tipples are the light and refreshing Lillet Vive – French aperitif,  premium tonic, cucumber, strawberry, mint, and soda – the savory Raise High The Roof Beam – premium bourbon, amaro, lemon verbena simple syrup, and cardamom bitters – and the bold New Carre – strawberry and rhubarb-infused brandy, premium bourbon, sweet vermouth, cucumber-lemon infused aperitif, and bitters. Credit Photo: