Icon Klub

Luang Prabang-City Centre

1 / 5

May 11, 2018

A place for travelers and locals alike to congregate, contemplate, and sip on great cocktails, Icon Klub in Luang Prabang is a star the city's bar scene.

A place to sip drinks, swap stories, and just generally contemplate the good time life has afforded us, Icon Klub in Luang Prabang is the literal definition of a hidden gem.  Yes, while the ‘Klub’ has a shining reputation and has picked up fans from nearly every corner of the globe since its opening in 2009, it is obscured down a side street in this lovely Laotian city. Once you find the romantic bar though, you won’t ever forget how to get back as the owner has managed to create one of the warmest atmospheres we’ve ever seen while pouring some fantastic cocktails. What makes the atmosphere so special? Well, it all starts with the proprietor, as she brings her personality into the bar in spades, and this attracts an eclectic (and sophisticated) international crowd through the doors. Once there, they trade tales about travel, discuss life, listen to good music (there’s always a guitar on hand for those that know how to strum), and of course, take down tipples.  Oh yes, there’s plenty of cocktail drinking at Icon Klub, as the owner doubles as head bartender, and she knocks out great versions of absinthe martinis, bloody marys, and mojitos. She does this all while presiding over the crowd which can range from bordering on boisterous some nights to chilled out and quiet when there is a poetry reading. Icon Klub: an icon in the making.