Vida Rica Bar
    Centre, Macau

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    Among the plushest of escapes anywhere in Asia, the Vida Rica Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Macau thoroughly impresses from the bottom of its smart black-and-white checked floor to the top of its soaring windows. Stoic columns rise throughout the bar and, coupled with impressive Art Deco-esque lighting fixtures, bring a graceful Great Gatsby vibe to the venue.  An elegant experience during the day or night, it's in the evening when Vida Rica Bar's windows truly show off all of Macau's sparkling jewels, which pair perfectly with the aforementioned interior of the venue. Home to three different bars, one providing premium coffee service, another pouring champagne and serving tasty tapas, it's the third, the cocktail bar which will likely be the one that pries you away from admiring the views, if only just for a little while. The Millionaire's Mojito, for example, is made with the classic mojito ingredients of lime, sugar, and rum, but the rum poured is premium dark rum and after the mix is painstakingly strained over crushed ice, none other than Champagne is added. The cocktail bar is home to many creations inspired by the local environment of Macau and its surrounds, like the Lychee Martini, as it is composed of lychees of the region shaken with a house-made green apple-infused vodka, white wine, and a touch of lemon.  

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