Keko Moku
    City-Center, Manchester

    About Keko Moku

    795 2853

    Keko Moku, a colourful addition to the bar-saturated Northern Quarter, stands out by virtue of its bright and lively atmosphere. There's something endearingly incongruous about a tiki joint in Manchester but Keko Moku (which means Monkey island) pulls it off. How? Well the Hawaiian-shirted bar tenders are friendly and not without skill, the neon and bamboo d├ęcor is kitsch without being ridiculous indeed they could afford to push the Pacific theme further and the place makes a fun alternative to the identikit urban bars elsewhere in the neighbourhood. The well-made cocktails are tropical things, full of fruit (and crushed ice), which are served in thematically appropriate vessels, and they even offer potent bowls of punch to be shared between four or more brave souls. The place has a good buzz about it and the mixed, quite young crowd of after-work drinkers and students certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

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