Salon de Ning at The Peninsula


4.3 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Salon de Ning at The Peninsula is a plush hotel bar in Manila, the drinks are as chic as Madame Ning herself with her signature Ning Sling. Find out more!

You are no doubt familiar with the stylish and sophisticated Shanghai socialite of the 1930’s Madame Ning, aren’t you? Madame Ning was a trendsetter of her era who trotted the globe wearing the latest fashions with the most fashionable film or sports star on her arm, essentially becoming a symbol for the glamour of Shanghai during this glorious era of city.  Ringing any bells yet? Well, if you aren’t familiar with Madame Ning, don’t feel too bad, because she is a completely fictional character. Luckily for us though, the bar that bears her name at The Peninsula Hotel in Manila is real, and it has to be seen to be believed. Upon entry to Salon de Ning, you are greeted with colorful glass light fixtures, reminiscent of the esteemed artwork of Dale Chihuly, plush purple chairs, and four semi-private rooms. Each one of the rooms represents a slice of Madame Ning’s life, with the Boxing Room – she allegedly dated Joe Louis – and The Zeppelin Room – she had a close friendship with the German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin – being so authentic-looking you would swear that Madame Ning had to be real. The Zeppelin Room is especially enchanting as while you sit in the plush chairs, the skyline of Manhattan drifts by, making it appear as though you are actually flying. The drinks are as chic as Madame Ning herself with her signature Ning Sling – premium orange vodka, lychee liqueur, passion fruit juice, and orange juice – and Coriander Mule – vodka, lime juice, orange bitters, and coriander leaves – being two of the finest examples. Bands perform regularly and don’t be surprised if you keep looking out of the corner of your eye expecting to see Madame Ning slink through the front door.