Old Lighting

Marina Del Rey-City Centre

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May 11, 2018

The mysterious bar Old Lighting, in Marina Del Rey, USA is a timeless tiki style bar, with a awesome no phone policy.

The mystery around Old Lighting keeps the bar exciting and atmospheric and when you enter this bar you will feel like you’ve been transported to another world entirely.
Once you have found their secret unmarked entrance, you will be asked to hand over any mobile phones at reception for your visit. While many may find this controversial, those who have visited the bar absolutely love that the place is a phone free zone! When you have passed through the entrance you will see a beautiful and vast collection of liquor encyclopaedias on a big bookshelf, courtesy of owners Pablo Maix and Steve Livigni. You may want to take a seat in their luxury private tiki style lounge, or take a seat at their urban 1950’s style bar. 
Take a look around and you will see people engaging in conversation and enjoying one another’s company. This is the exact aim of Old lighting, to ‘take things back to basics’ where technology didn’t rule us. You can pick up their ‘book’ of cocktails to choose from, they have some impressive concoctions as well as a great selection of rare rums, whiskeys and tequilas.