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    Of all the concepts we’ve come across, combining spirits exclusively from Australia and gooey toasted sandwiches may just be the most unique. And wouldn’t you know it? It works brilliantly. The name of the venue is inspired by the man who outlawed spirit-making in the early 19th Century (he was a very bad man, indeed), and makes up for lost time by stocking over 150 spirits from Australia. We repeat, 150 bottles of liquor - so that means each and every drop of vodka, gin, rum, and whisky on the menu is from Down Under. The decor is as unique as the concept, with cool retro touches like wood paneling, collages of faded black-and-white photos, hanging mason jars filled with candles, and dangling knotted ropes to divide the bar from the dining space.  Obviously, the cocktails are the star of the show here, and luckily they stand up to the scrutiny of the spotlight. Tipples like the bubbly Pepperberry Fizz - Melbourne-made gin mixed with lemon and pepperberry syrup, a dash of creamy egg white and a splash of soda - the Cornflake Old Fashioned - aged corn rye moonshine and honey liqueur - and sweet Mrs French’s Apple Pie No.2 - native brandy, Australian cinnamon myrtle spice, vanilla and eucalyptus mixed with apple juice - all thoroughly impress us, with the rest of the list being just as special. Remember those toasted sandwiches? Well, they’re called jaffles in this neck of the woods, and Bad Frankie serves them up in old school red plastic baskets in craveworthy combinations like the classic vintage cheddar and mozzarella on white bread edition (with your choice of Vegemite or tomato chutney on the side, naturally) and The Chook (poached chicken breast, house made mayo, celery and pine nuts on white bread).
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