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Berlin Bar


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May 11, 2018

Convincingly bringing the spirit of the German capital to Melbourne, Berlin Bar is an homage to a truly special city serving similarly striking cocktails.

Inspired by Berlin, and its unique culture forged by decades divided, Berlin Bar in Melbourne pays homage to the city in everything it does.

Hidden above a warren of laneways in Melbourne’s Chinatown, the only indication that Berlin Bar exists at all is the tiny sign outside that resembles a German coat-of-arms, complete with the profile of a bear. Once you’ve entered the space, Berlin Bar transports you back to a divided place, courtesy of a painstakingly-put-together decor,  sectioned off, just like the city used to be. Naturally, West Berlin is the more opulent side, featuring sparkling beads, gilded mirrors, plush couches, and soft lighting. East Berlin takes on the alternative persona that permeated the East, by way of graffiti-inspired artwork, bold blacks, scarlet reds, and military-style netting, no doubt meant to symbolize Checkpoint Charlie.

Beer at Berlin Bar runs the gamut of German specialities, from cloudy wheat beers to crisp pilsners, and is always poured in the appropriate glassware. Cocktails are funky like the city itself and include concoctions like The Fallen Wall (a mai tai tinged with a spicy and herbal French liqueur), the Chancellor Brandt (featuring premium whisky infused with roasted pineapple tinged with bitter aperitif and pink peppercorn), and the Engel Von Serbia (plum brandy, pear liqueur, and orange juice with touches of cinnamon and peach). All are shaken with world class mixology skills and are presented in stunning vessels with just the form of ice or garnish to complement the cocktail.

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