Eau De Vie

Eau De Vie


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Hands down one of the finest cocktail bars in all of Australia, the tucked away Eau De Vie in Melbourne is a sumptuous shrine to the fine art of imbibing.

Eau De Vie may be a bit of a challenge to find, (it lies behind an unmarked door on an unassuming side street), but once you make your way in, you’ll quickly feel like you are in the center of the cocktail universe.  Such is the reverence Eau De Vie holds cocktail culture in, that the menu itself is a work of art, describing the mixes and the mixologists behind them in glorious details. You’ll likely struggle picking out a cocktail from its pages though, as all libations listed grasp the imagination. Luckily for us, Eau De Vie has divided the menu into sections like The Perfumer – home to floral and aromatic cocktails like The Olfactory Girl (vodka blended with an array of Australian botanicals, chartreuse, szechuan pepper, and pear) – The Stevedore – plenty of punchy and fruity mixes like the Ocean Side (gin, lime, apple and muddled cucumbers served in a wine glass with an elegant twist of cucumber) – and The Spiceblender – home to savory, salty, and spicy combos like New Money (salted coconut-spiced rum, apricot brandy, sloe gin, egg white, and a myriad of secret dashes). These are just the tip of the menu’s indulgent iceberg, which also includes a handful of other incredible sections and even sharing cocktails like the Versailles Experience – a blend of gin and absinthe with pear puree, apple, lemon, and mint that pours from a vintage absinthe fountain. Whisky lovers will delight in a dedicated whisky den hidden behind a bookshelf, and for those who can’t get enough of the bar, Eau De Vie also sells a book of its famous recipes.

Photo credit: http://eaudevie.com.au/melbourne